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it brings my heart great joy to see your eyes fill with fear

things to do when you're dead

"this car isn't big enough for my balls." (devin, regarding the dodge neon we rented for the trip to las vegas)

"well, it's icky. i have to wash my hands all the time and it ruins the mood." (myself, regarding masturbation)

"i'm sorry...my mind is on the thought of having jelly beans in your mouth as you're giving a blow job at a bake sale." (inell, regarding various ways to pay her way to d*con)

"i hope one day bills *do* die...and then everyone will know that you killed them, and then they will hail you as their queen." (countess, regarding my aversion to bills)

"in atlanta, i am going to buy a sex toy! *nods head emphatically*" (inell, regarding her determination to reach slut-hood)

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ficklevillain [userpic]

i keep meaning to tell you guys about this, but i keep forgetting. i finally wrote it on my wrist in sharpie today at work so that i wouldn't forget. (and then i still almost forgot.) anyways, my friends are brilliant, and most of my friends are writers. and since my friends are also all awesome, my friends are almost *all* readers as well. so i have found the freaking coolest website ever for readers.


it is the freaking bomb, yo! there is *nothing* to fill out. screenname and password, that's it. then you just list all of the books you own, creating a virtual library/catalog of all of your favorite tomes. you can use their search engine to find books, or you can do it straight from amazon. you can pick and choose the exact cover that you have on your lovely book. you can review it, rate it, tell people it rocks. they have bits and pieces that will look at your library, compare it to others, and tell you (surprisingly accurately) what other books you might like. they even have an unsuggester, which pretty much tells you which books you *won't* like, so's you can avoid 'em like the plague. PLUS, if there's a book you want, but don't have, they have list people who are looking to trade said book for others. and also, it's just damn awesome. i've been going through like mad. i can do nothing else at work. seriously. it's crazy talk. so anyways, go there and join up so's i can compare my library with yours and see what all i'm missing out on.

(and no, this isn't some ad or anything, i'm just freakishly excited about this ridiculously cool website.)

if you want to look me up, i am ficklevillain, as always. love! and i hope to see you there, yo.

you know where to look: my virtual library.
i'm feeling a bit: excitedexcited
current obsession: the sound of pages turning.

That sounds ultra cool! As soon as I am able to unpack my books, I will certainly make use of it.